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SmartLink 3 Mobile is a home monitoring system for patients with infectious or chronic diseases, cybersecure by design. Clinical care in the home can alleviate pressure on acute hospitals.

SmartLink 3 Mobile Home Surveillance Solution

SmartLink 3 Mobile – Home Surveillance System

  • The Smartlink 3 Mobile utilizes a Home Kit, which contains an oximeter, the Smartphone with its components and the SmartLink 3 Mobile medical application installed.

  • The process of usage is simple and easy, the patient only needs to insert the oximeter on the finger and follow the instructions. The Smartphone will automatically receive the data and sent it to the Central Surveillance Unit (CSU).

  • At the Central Surveillance Unit (CSU), through a device, doctors and nurses can check the patient conditions. And in case of worsening of a patient condition, a notification is sent.

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Cybersecure by design

Data Protection

SmartLink 3 Mobile has a dedicated server, with and Health Care data protection, encrypted and secured. With a platform that manages secure communication and with a stateless communication authenticated.

  • Dedicated Server

  • Sever protected

  • Data protected

  • Encrypted and Secured transmittion

Hospital Spot-Check

Connect the desired spot-check devices and the Patient Monitoring Systems

  • Connect both the spot-check devices or the continuous patient monitoring systems provided by the manufacturers. The SmartLink 3 Mobile, connectivity platform is used to connect to SmartLink many different types of devices.

  • Move from bed to bed, Identify the patient, receive the vital sign, add more information, generate a patient score, feed the patient clinical folder.

  • Receive the vital signs from the spot-check device or from the monitoring system.

Secure Patient Identification

The patient ID can be read from the bracelet code, using the smartphone camera or the integrated barcode reader. From the spot-check device, the data are received by the smartphone (using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection).

All the monitoring, spot-check and manually added data will be bound to the identified patient. For patients under continuous monitoring, the data are received by SmartLink 3 directly from the monitoring system.

Data and alarms can be sent to the Ward or Hospital Patients Clinical Information System. After the data transmission, the patient ID is cleared from the Mobile device. Not risking using the previous patient ID on the next patient.

Additional Informations and Patient Score

SmartLink 3 Mobile also allows adding condition information, by a configurable interface. The information is kept together with the data coming from the spot-check unit or from the continuous monitoring system.

The patient score is generated applying customer definable algorithms. Based on the score values and trends, warnings and alarms can be generated and sent to SmartLink 3 to be managed.


Being a SmartLink component, SmartLink 3 Mobile is part of the data and alarms management platform most used in Europe. SmartLink is a CE Class IIb Medical Device.

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