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Our Mission

A new healthcare approach

Since 1989, our line of business focuses on healthcare software development.
All the software projects are run directly or in cooperation with other companies, and can satisfy many different needs of ICT in Healthcare.
We operate to give our customers useful and efficient working tools. Each product is designed thinking of its future use in real environments, where people need something simple, safe and easy to use.
Service and support are organized to prevent problems when possible, with the goal to allow our customers to continue using our systems, even in case of hard defaults.
We pursue our growth and want to improve our market worldwide, offering high quality products and services, to improve patients care. To do that, we invests in research and innovation, looking at all the healthcare market evolutions.

Our Certifications

Company Certifications

Software Team has UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 Quality System Certifications. Both certifications qualify Software Team as a skilled and reliable company for medical software design, development, installation and maintenance.

UNI-EN-ISO-9001-2015 Certified Management System
ISO 13485 2016 certificate icon

SmartLink Certification

SmartLink 3 has overcome the inspections made by KIWA CERMET (notified body company for certifications) and has been marked Class IIb CE Medical Device. The whole product has been certified, from the devices connectivity to the messages communication components, including SmartPager, the leading solution for medical alarms paging.

SmartLink CE Certificate

ESPA-X Certificate

Software Team in cooperation with Tetronik has achieved the ESPA-X certification proving the reliability and effectiveness of our software SmartESPA-X for managing and sending alarms notification to the DAKS-Pro V8.0x messaging system and other ESPA-X compliant systems.

ESPA-X Certificate

Our Cooperations & Partners

Mindray Medical

Mindray Medical is our partner for Patient Monitoring solutions. With Mindray Medical we were able to develop SmartLink, the Web-based Patients Management System for Patients Monitoring.


With the success of its electronic business, Samsung has been recognised globally as an industry leader in technology and now ranked as a top 10 global brand.

Qualcomm Life

Qualcomm Life is creating a world where medical-grade care is ‘always on’ and available to patients, regardless of care setting. Where end-to-end connectivity solutions can be deployed rapidly and securely, and data integration can be seamless, flexible, and device-agnostic.

Cooperativa LaMeridiana

Cooperativa La Meridiana is a major elderly people care organization in regione Lombardia (Italy). La Meridiana gives its support to SmartLink projects for clinical and organisational specifications.

Fondazione MBBM

Fondazione Monza e Brianza per il Bambino e la sua Mamma (MBBM) manages the Pediatric, Obstetric and Neonatology wards inside the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza (Italy).


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