SmartLink for Medical Alarms Management

Connected to the patient wherever you are

SmartLink is the Software Team’s medical alarms management system. It collects data from any bedside device (patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, …) and can be integrated with hospital and clinical information systems, nurse call systems and alarm display systems. Through SmartLink it is possible to review parameters and waveforms, relevant alarms and trend graphs/tables.


The SmartLink Alarms Paging Solution

SmartPager – Alarms Paging System

SmartPager is the SmartLink Alarms Paging System to forward alarms notifications to mobile devices:

  • When an alarm occurs, the smartphone sounds and vibrates and the alarm info is shown on the main screen: the alarm description and severity and the bed number.

  • Four buttons give you access to quick actions: take in charge the alarm, view the alarm in real time, display the list of alarms and ask the other nurses for help.

  • In case of need, the Code Blue function allows you to ask for help with a quick slide on the screen. All the active pagers will receive your help request.

Connecting All Your Bedside Devices

The Connectivity Solution

SmartLink allows to manage all data and alarms coming from all connected medical devices (pumps, ventilators, dialysis machines…), for a complete, safe and secure solution. The simple interface of SmartPager allows the nursing staff to:

  • See the list of beds connected, with info about the room and its general status.

  • Have the real-time list of devices connected to each bed and the status of every connected device.

  • Receive the parameters’ value from all the devices connected to the bed, in real-time.

Allowing You To Be Always In Control

The Safety of a Medical Device in a Standard Smartphone

SmartLink is classified as a CDAS (Distributed Alarm System with operator Confirmation) and as CE class IIb Medical Device, in compliance with the Council Directive 93/42/EEC. SmartLink also complies with the Collateral Standard EN IEC 60601-1-8 (General requirements, tests and guidance for alarm systems in medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems) and the Technical Report IEC-TR 80001-2-5. (Application of risk management for IT-networks incorporating medical devices – Guidance for distributed alarm systems). All SmartLink’s components are certified and allow the final user to have a totally safe, reliable and secure alarm management and connectivity system.

And A Lot More…

Access Patient Monitoring Data

Using SmartLink’s web interface, the caregivers can access patients monitoring data using their own PC.
Parameters/waveforms view and graphic/tabular trend view are available, as well as the complete alarms list. From each alarm, the corresponding trend can be opened, ready to start a waveforms replay. The advanced search function gives access to all stored data, allowing the caregivers to review all the events occurred to a patient at a specific time.

Create Respiration Summary Reports

Using the patient monitoring data stored, SmartLink builds Respiration Summary Reports (SpO2, HR, TCpCO2) that include statistical analysis, histograms and graphic trends with events markers. Each report can be viewed and comments can be added by the caregivers. The report is stored as a PDF document, can be printed and transferred to PDMS, HIS and CIS systems and can be sent via email.

Export Patient Data for Multiple Uses

X-Port is the SmartLink tool that extracts data from SmartLink and sends them to other systems using standard or custom formats.
To do so, X-Port generates output files in formats like XML or CSV, that are standard formats and can be read by a number of applications.
As an example, you can use X-Port to send the data received from the bedside devices via X-Connect and SmartLink to the EMR.

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