SmartLink is the Software Team remote web interface for patient monitoring systems. SmartLink operates with Mindray monitoring systems and collects data coming from Mindray HyperVisor and PDS Gateway. Thanks to SmartLink it is possible to review parameters and waveforms, relevant alarms and trend graphs/tables.

Four main modules are available:

  • SmartWaves, to view waveforms and parameters values, display graphic and tabular trends and review the stored waveforms using a replay function, all from remote;
  • SmartAlarm, to notify and take charge of the alarm messages, applying customer-defined thresholds and escalation rules, using integrations with DECT phones and ESPA compliant messaging systems;
  • SmartPager, smartphone-based medical alarms paging system, to send messages using a safe and reliable notification chain without need of special infrastructures;
  • SmartReport, to build, comment and save respiration summary reports and to send the documents to clinical and hospital information systems.

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