Shared Instruments Management

A specialized middleware for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) analyzers management and integration

SmartCom is an open platform that simplifies the integration and management of analytical equipment, no matter where it’s placed (laboratories, points of care, …). With SmartCom you can create a single logical structure where all the analytical equipment of multiple laboratories and points of care is interconnected and controlled, so that all the applications are shared in real time without the need of complex integrations, and a high operational autonomy is guaranteed for each management package. SmartCom also works as a tool to normalize data.

  • The software is based on the most recent SOAs (Service Oriented Architectures) and complies with the relevant healthcare standards (XML, SOAP, CDA2, W3C, HL7).

  • The connection with the LISs (Laboratory Information Systems) uses a standard interface that allows multiple different systems to simultaneously use SmartCom.
  • The connection with the analyzers is managed by the iDrivers, devices communication software specifically developed for SmartCom.

Our Success Stories

Lecco-Merate Hospitals Cluster

Since the Hospital Trust of Lecco acquired the Hospital of Merate, it needed to manage, with a unique middleware platform, LIS and instruments of both laboratories, in order to achieve scale economies and workload optimization.

Laboratories of Basilicata

As a result of the complex orographic nature of the territory, the Basilicata region needed to manage the samples collected over the territory in a simple, efficent and rapid way, in order to avoid the closure of the decentralized premises.

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