SmartLink 2.1 SE – Standard Edition

SmartLink Virtual Machine

SmartLink Virtual Machine contains:

  • The full version of SmartLink installed on a VMware virtual machine with Windows Server 2012
  • A readme document containing the release notes and the steps to configure and start SmartLink
  • Two folders containing the manuals and the step-by-step guide to correctly configure SmartLink and SmartPager
  • A folder containing three video tutorials to help you correctly configure SmartLink and SmartPager

Here you can learn how to install a VMware virtual machine (chapter 3.1 – Virtual Machine Installation).

SmartLink Documentation contains:

  • SmartLink and SmartPager documents and tutorials (note: these documents are the same contained in the SmartLink Virtual Machine download)

SmartLink Installer

To install SmartLink on a physical PC:

  1. Download both ToolsSmartLink and SetupSmartLink
  2. Run ToolsSmartLink, that will install the software needed by SmartLink to work
  3. Run SetupSmartLink, that will install the full version of SmartLink

For more information download the SmartLink Installation Manual.

Note: the installer works on Windows only

Version 2.1.2 – Live Update

From here you can update your existing SmartLink installation to the latest version.

  • LiveUpdate SmartLink: updates SmartLink to the latest version
  • SmartLink Documentation: SmartLink and SmartPager documents and video tutorials
  • SmartLink Changelog: contains the changelog and the bugfix of the latest version of SmartLink. This document can be shared with the customers

To update SmartLink follow the SmartLink Update Manual.

If you need more help, here you can find some video tutorials.

XFramework – Version 1.0.0

XFramework is a Windows service that allows managing different apps concurrently.

To install XFramework download Setup XFramework, then follow the instructions to activate and manage the apps.

SmartLink on Client

SmartLink on Client allows to use the SmartLink modules, such as SmartWaves and SmartReport.

To install SmartLink on Client just download and run SmartLink Setup on Client, on the left.

Note: the installer works on Windows only