Software Team operates to give their customers useful and efficient working tools. Each product was designed thinking of its future use in real environments, where people need something simple, safe and easy to use. Service and support are organized to prevent problems when possible, with the goal to allow our customers to continue using our systems, even in case of hard defaults. Software Team pursues his growth and wants to improve its market worldwide, offering high quality products and services, to make better the patients care. To do that, Software Team invests in research and innovation, looking at all the healthcare market evolutions.

Company Profile

Since 1989, Software Team line of business focuses on healthcare software development. All the software projects are run directly or in cooperation with other companies, and can satisfy many different needs of ICT in Healthcare.

Software Team developed SmartCom, the leading solution for biomedical devices management. SmartCom is managed in cooperation with Treis, a company specialized in web applications. SmartCom-based solutions are available for Analytical Laboratories, Points of Care, Hospital Departments, Telehealthcare and Remote Patients Care.

In cooperation with Mindray Medical, a major company in patients monitoring, Software Team developed SmartLink, a specialized system for the remote management of monitoring data, waveforms, trends, replays and alarms, through SmartPager, a medical rated paging system. SmartLink is a SmartCom-based solution.

In conjunction with Noemalife SpA, the biggest Italian company in healthcare software production, Software Team managed Dasilab, one of the most popular Laboratory Information Systems in Italy. Dasilab uses SmartCom to manage the on-line connections with the analyzers.

SmartSISS is the specialized solution to integrate healthcare management systems with SISS, the Healthcare Information Platform of the Lombardia Region in Italy. SmartSISS is the easiest way to connect all existing data management systems to SISS.

With SmartGate every Healthcare Information System can “go on the Web” and easily interact with patients and doctors. SmartGate manages the medical reports collection, electronic sign, time stamp, and gives documents to the patients using encrypted email attachments, web downloads, SMS notifications of documents availability.

Software Team is active in Italy and Europe directly and through mindray’s distributors. In Italy the “Software Team Points” give the customers a high level technical support.