SmartPager is the Alarms Paging System provided by SmartLink to send alarm messages notifications to mobile devices. The alarm messages are managed with the commonly used gestures, sliding to view the notification, tapping on the notification to have more information and so on. In this way all the tools are handled and the care givers can act quickly and precisely.




The Homepage color allows you to be always aware of the connection status on your device. Green screen means: “connected and able to receive alarm messages”, red screen means: “not connected and not able to receive alarm messages”, black screen means: “not yet connected and searching for network”. The red dot in the upper-right corner of the ‘Alarms List’ button keep you informed on how many alarms are still pending. Tap the ‘Alams List’ button to view and evaluate all the alarms that occurred up to the last one and to take charge of the ones still pending. Recognize instantly the alarms type and severity thanks to an intuitive color code: Red/Orange/Yellow = Physiological alarms; Light Blue = Technical alarms. Filter the alarms per alarm type or department using the filter button in the navigation bar.


Once the alarm is received, the smartphone sounds and vibrates and on the main screen appears the alarm quick info: the alarm description, the bed number and the alarm severity. Four buttons give you access to all the actions you need to carry out: take in charge the alarm, view the alarm progression in real time, display the list of alarms and ask the other pagers for help. In the navigation bar you can also see the alarm details and the information concerning when and by who the alarm has been taken in charge. A small circle in the upper corner of the ‘Alarms List’ button allows you to be always able to know if and how many other alarms occurred.




The ‘Real Time’ function allows you to be aware of your patient status while the alarm is active: receive the parameters values while they are evolving and be promptly notified if the alarm has been taken in charge. Evaluate the alarm trend looking at the arrows displayed on the left of each parameter. In case of emergency the ‘Help Me’ function allows you to ask for help with a quick tap on the screen. All the active pagers will receive your help request showing the alarm description in order to react instantly. Six different alarm tones allows you to distinguish the SmartPager alarms from the monitors ones. The tones are the ones recommended by the ESPA 4.4.4 communication standard.