SmartPager is a medical device for the notification of alarms, equipped with specific functions for the consideration in real time of the alarms and the management of the alarms themselves. The demo version of SmartPager is the same as the professional version, although here the values of the medical parameters and the alarm messages are simulated by way of examples. The “Help” function gives more details and shows the operative possibilities of SmartPager (SmartPager has been marked as CE Class 2a Medical Device).


Get Started From Google Play

SmartPager Demo is available on Google Play.
To download the app search “SmartPager Demo” on Google Play and choose “SmartPager Demo by Software Team”.
To install SmartPager Demo tap “install” and accept the conditions.

Alarm Simulation and Help

To start an alarm simulation tap “Alarm simulation” in options.
For more details and to show the operative possibilities of SmartPager, tap “Help” in options.

Smartpager demo help