SmartPager is the specialized alarm messages paging system, designed for sending messages to smartphones and tablets, for using the existing wireless infrastructures, for giving the user a powerful and reliable and easy-to-use solution.

SmartPager can manage and control the whole notification chain, from the interface to the Patients Monitoring System, to each smartphone or tablet, performing an uninterrupted functional survey.
Due to this capability, SmartPager has been certified as CE Class 2a Medical Device.

A specialized “app” is installed on each smartphone to be used as “alarms pager”. This app is part of the system control and gives the user information about the correct system operation.
When receiving an alarm message, the smartphone will vibrate and ring, using the standard tones for medical alarms.

Starting from the received message, the user can take charge of the alarm, view a simplified graphic trend, view other alarms active at the same time, call for help sending a special message to the other smartphones.

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