The new interface lets the user go through the apps easily by providing a shortcut menu for a direct access to the main SmartLink apps and the new ones. The new advanced search engine allows a customised search of the patient data by: name, surname, day, dept, bed/patient id. SmartLink provides an effective improvement thanks to a new alarm management tool and is now featured by the Respiration Summary Report: a powerful and synthetic tool to evaluate the patient respiration data/parameters (SpO2 desaturations, apnoeas).

Alarm Messages Notification

SmartAlarm manages the alarm messages coming
from the Patients Monitoring System, applying
selection, classification, persistence and escalation
rules. The messages are notified to the care givers according to the staff shifts and beds/rooms assignment. Alarm Messages are received by the care givers in real time with SmartPager or directly using SMSs, emails, or using a standard messaging integration to Paging Systems, DECT phones, specialized Handsets. With SmartPager and SmartLink’s web interface, the
user can go deeply inside the alarm, viewing
parameters values, graphic trends and waveforms
replays and taking charge of the alarm

Web Interface

From the parameters/waveforms view, the graphic and tabular trend view can be accessed, as well as the complete alarms list with the taking charge status. From each listed alarm, the corresponding trend can be opened, centered on the select alarm, ready to start a waveforms replay if available. The advanced search function gives access to the stored data, allowing the user to see trends and replays of a patient no longer connected to a monitor. Using the SmartLink’s web interface, the authorized doctors and nurses will access the patients monitoring data using their own PC, from anywhere inside or outside the department or the hospital. The basic function is the real time remote viewing of parameters and waveforms, selecting the patient in an automatically updated beds list. The current alarm status of each bed is displayed and the active alarms list can be viewed after selecting a bed.

Respiration Summary Reports

Using the Patient Monitoring stored data, SmartReport builds Respiration Summary Reports (SpO2, HR, TCpCO2), for a single patient or multiple patients, manually or automatically, for a configurable lapse of time. The report structure includes statistical analysis, histograms and graphic trends with events markers. Before the final confirmation, each report can be viewed and comments can be inserted by the doctors. After confirmation, the report is stored as a PDF document, can be printed and transferred to PDMS, HIS and CIS systems, can be sent via email.