SmartLink 2.1 Trial

SmartLink Trial has demonstration purposes only and is given to the customer for a predetermined period of time

SmartLink Trial Virtual Machine contains:

  • The trial version of SmartLink installed on a VMware virtual machine with Windows 7 Professional
  • A readme document containing the release notes and the steps to configure and start SmartLink Trial
  • Two folders containing the manuals and the step-by-step guide to correctly configure SmartLink Trial and SmartPager
  • A folder containing three video tutorials to help you correctly configure SmartLink Trial and SmartPager

Here you can learn how to install a VMware virtual machine (chapter 3.1 – Virtual Machine Installation).

Archive password: smartlinkinter

SmartLink Trial Documentation contains:

  • SmartLink Trial and SmartPager documents and tutorials (note: these documents are the same contained in the SmartLink Trial Virtual Machine download)

To request a Trial license:

Send an email to, specifying the following information:

  • Subject: SmartLink Trial license request
  • Hospital name and belonging country
  • Data source used (CMS/eGateway/X-Pager)
  • Trial period
  • Your contact information (name, email, phone number)

SmartLink and SmartPager Video Tutorials

Password: smartlinkinter

  1. SmartPager EL Advanced Settings
  2. SmartPager EL Main Features
  3. SmartLink EL Configuration Wizard