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The module configuration ensures a fast and secure installation, centralizing customization control. The operational functions are designed for an easy and intuitive use. The situation is constantly monitored by the system to track changes applied to the database. Information are protected by a powerful system of access control and user identification and stored into a data filing system “Powered by Oracle ™”.

In Magellano user finds a solution for any aspect of the management of the Analysis Laboratories:

  • Acceptance and cash
  • Operational management of the Laboratory
  • Integration of analytical instrumentation
  • Dedicated systems for instrumentation
  • Urgencies and emergencies
  • Microbiology
  • Statistics
  • Quality Control
  • Online Departments
  • Online Districts
  • Online GPS
  • Online Specialist
  • Integration with other hospital systems

Magellano is designed for users who expect fast learning and autonomy. The management functions are easy to use both in everyday job and other situations. By the default configuration, user can quickly and easily manage the flow of his/her daily job. “Ad hoc” configuration is possible in order to meet the needs arising from situations out of routine. The management of urgencies and emergencies, separated or integrated, is always in accorcance with the rest of the activities.