SmartLink Installation Form

The SmartLink Installation Form is a document that sums up all the information regarding a SmartLink installation.


  • The document is an editable pdf file, meaning that it has pre-determined fields to be filled in with the installation information.
  • The document shall be filled in with information provided by the distributor representative and by the customer (IT staff, bioengineering staff, clinical staff).
  • To guarantee the highest technical support quality for the customer, send us back the filled in
    document and keep a copy for yourself.


  • The document name has to be changed replacing “HospitalName” with the name of the healthcare facility.
  • After you have filled in the document, re-export the document in pdf to save the changes.

If you need support while filling in this document or while re-examining a past SmartLink installation please contact us at

Download SmartLink Installation Form